Focus on wellness: mind, body & soul

Wellness can mean different things to different people. For many travellers, the goal when away from home is to find a piece of paradise. For this reason, guests seek a sanctuary to hide away within for that much needed breath and bring back into balance the mind, body and soul. For travellers covering a few countries, or wishing for a mixed pace, then a ‘break within the holiday’ to stop and pause may be just what is needed. Certainly, In Country Tours (ICT) can plan travel experiences at any pace, depending on your preference.

Wellness in Viet Nam

Viet Nam is an up and coming haven of wonderful heavenly escapes. From idyllic beach-side locations, unique retreats and luxury cruise ships, to tranquil rural villages and forest lodges off the beaten track; we have many suggestions for how to plan your time. Vietnamese spas and massages are a wonderful experience to help travellers unwind, and we have a wide range of specialty wellness services in most locations, from mud-baths to mineral spas, hot springs, and inclusive spa packages.

Plan Your Wellness Travel Now

If you need some time away then contact us and we’ll be happy to handle all the arrangements for you. Easy flight routing also makes Viet Nam a more readily accessible place to plan relaxation and health services. For more information, check out our What Is Wellness article.


Wellness Activities Ideas:

Beach fun
Poolside fun
Mud bath
Mineral spa
Hot springs
Spa visit & beauty services
Yoga & meditation
Boat cruise or private yacht charter

Wellness Accommodation Ideas:

Retreat & themed retreat (yoga, art)
Beach resort
Luxury hotel
Lodge & eco-lodge
Village & rural homestay
Back to basics: tree house, house on stilts or tent
Tai Chi