Fairy Stream at Mui Ne

Mui Ne is well known for stunning sand dunes, beautiful beaches and wind & water sports, but a hidden gem worth visiting is the Fairy Stream.

What is the Fairy Stream?

The Fairy Stream may not amaze at first, but as they say, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover!’. From the road it looks just like a brown stream only a couple of metres wide. The Fairy Stream is a shallow stream with mostly ankle-deep water visitors can wade through.  There are a few resident cows and small waterfall at one end, but the beautiful surrounding nature gives this location its magical feel and special name.

What will you see there?

The stream makes its way towards the ocean, carving a path with striking white and red sand dunes, limestone structures and cliffs on the Western side. The reddish-brown colour of the stream comes from this amazing mix of sand. The Eastern banks of the stream are almost all green with rows of shady coconut palms, jungle and bamboo forest.

The contrast between the red and white sand, red-brown water and the green foliage is unique to this location and might remind you of a sand art bottle. The vibrant colours and dream-like surrounds can change dramatically in different levels of sunlight, making the Fairy Stream a photographer’s paradise. According to the legends, as day turns to night and light falls to darkness, lucky visitors might even spot one of the mysterious fairies!

Do I need an official Tour/Tour Guide?

Many tour operators in and around Mui Ne advertise trips to the ‘Fairy Stream’, often as part of a day tour also including other sites and activities. But as it is located on the main road right between the resort strip and Mui Ne town, it is one of the easier sights to visit independently. It is only a short bike or taxi-ride away from most of the accommodation in the area. The Fairy Stream is generally ankle-deep with a few spots up to knee-deep. Visitors are encouraged to wander up the stream with their shoes off and toes in the sand. This location is both fun and suitable for families with young children.

Where is Mui Ne?

The area travellers typically refer to as Mui Ne located approximately 18km from the City of Phan Thiet. It is a 10km long resort strip ending not far from the small town of Mui Ne. The main road has both beachside and hillside resorts, hotels, hostels, restaurants and bars. Mui Ne has great weather with the most sunshine and least rain of any place in Viet Nam. This makes it very popular for both local and international visitors.

How To Get To Mui Ne

At the current time travellers need to get there by road or rail. The good news is Phan Thiet airport is under construction and planned to open in 2018. Mui Ne is approximately a 4 and a half hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. It is approximately 4-5 hours drive from Da Lat or Nha Trang for those travelling from North to South.

Mui Ne is a coastal paradise with the best weather in all of Viet Nam. Get in touch with us to plan your Viet Nam adventure and Mui Ne stay via and ICT_support@incountrytours.com. You can explore the wonder of the Fairy Stream along with Mui Ne’s many attractions while you’re there.