Cycling around Phong Nha-Ke Bang

One of the most beautiful areas of Viet Nam is the area in and around Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.


This area contains some of the world’s largest and most amazing caves, and is a relatively new travel destination, rising in popularity. While the caves are most certainly worth exploring, another equally impressive activity is touring the area by bike.

Last week ICT’s Khoa met with Mr Shi for a fun and active day riding in the area surrounding Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Famous for its clear streams, green forest and stunning limestone karsts, the cycling route of roads, paths and water crossings included seeing tranquil country-side, bamboo and banana plantations, rice fields, rivers and local villages.

A visit to the home of a local family and war veteran provided a welcome and refreshing rest stop. Lunch included a special north-western specialty dish of pork cooked in bamboo on an open fire. After lunch they snacked on bananas they had harvested themselves!

As the afternoon continued Khoa and Mr Shi took an interesting ‘ferry’ ride across the river on a local fishing boat. Along the cycling route they visited a church, a pagoda and a war memorial, and had some challenging sections like river crossings. Travelling through farmland, they also saw plenty of ducks, chickens, cows and water buffalo. The day ended with a pleasant visit to a boutique hotel and a try of a local style coffee served with honey while chatting about everything they had seen.

A relaxing cycling day like this will suit our guests seeking some activity and adventure without anything too strenuous. For those who have spent a few days trekking and exploring caves, it’s a welcome change of pace and a chance to see more of the Phong Nha area.

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