Children’s Day in Viet Nam

Viet Nam celebrates Children’s Day each year on June 1st.

Children’s Day is celebrated by many countries around the world and is also known as the International Day for Protection of Children.


Children’s Day in Viet Nam

Children’s Day is a festival for children and is celebrated very widely across Viet Nam. Viet Nam has a large youth population, with approximately 24% of Vietnamese people under the age of 15. For most, this is a day to do what makes children happy and to spend with family and friends. The day also gives adults a reminder about taking better care and protection of their children and protecting the world for the future. Last week for Children’s Day, family-friendly locations across the country were very busy with families and organisations celebrating the special day with their kids. Waterparks, zoos, fun parks, beaches, parks, and special areas like ‘book streets’ and ‘walking streets’ were all bustling with activity.

Children’s Day with In Country Tours

In Country Tours had a lovely day with our team and little ones, visiting a 3-D Museum, a fun Jump Arena and a Hong Kong restaurant for a well-earned lunch.

The Artinus 3-D Museum in District 7 is a very special building, opened in 2015, with more than 100 amazing paintings. Korean artists painted the backdrops utilising techniques to create stunning three-dimensional effects. Visitors can explore the museum at their leisure and take photos where it looks like they are actually ‘in’ the paintings! The ICT team loved the Vietnamese themed and pop-culture themed backdrops and must have taken thousands of photos between them!

Jump Arena has several locations across Ho Chi Minh City and Viet Nam, but we chose to visit the new centre just opened in District 7 (also the biggest in HCMC). Jump Arena is a trampoline park, but also much more. Promoting a healthy lifestyle in a fun environment, the centre includes activities like dodgeball, climbing, foam pit plus lots and lots of jumping! Our team had a great time bouncing around and a good workout too.

Tips for interacting with children in Viet Nam

Don’t touch a child’s head. This practice is common in many countries around the world as a sign of affection. But in Viet Nam, and other Asian countries, it can be unappreciated or considered rude. Therefore, it is typically only done by a child’s family members.

Don’t buy things from children. Children selling items on the street are often from families struggling with poverty. If they earn money selling, they likely will be kept out of school to work and earn money. This perpetuates the problem of poverty for this family as the children will suffer from lack of education as they get older.

Family-friendly travel in Viet Nam

In Country Tours is run by the family of Khoa, Michelle and their team. Khoa and Michelle both have a passion for travel and two young children together, so they understand the challenges of family travel. Family-friendly location and activities exist in every city and town, and ICT have specific activities and tours guaranteed to have children engaged and families relaxed.

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