Unique Arts Experiences in Ha Noi!

The In Country Tours team and our guests treasure spending time with amazing artists throughout Viet Nam. Ha Noi, Viet Nam’s 1000-year-old capital city, is the perfect location for specialised arts-based day experiences. Read on for information on our unique arts experiences in Ha Noi.

These unique arts experiences may include a guided exploration in Ha Noi’s diverse art galleries and museums, featuring local and international exhibitions. Special opportunities to travel to citadels and ancient houses further build your understanding of Viet Nam’s culture and history. As a very special feature, In Country Tours can include private visits to the galleries and studios of our favourite local Vietnamese artists.

These artists have been selected for their significant contribution to the field of Vietnamese arts. All of the artists have developed unique styles and techniques, a result of dedicating their lives to their passion. During these visits, travellers will gain an appreciation for the artistic side of Vietnamese culture. Guests can ask questions to get a deeper comprehension of what life is like for an artist in Viet Nam.

We have specialist artists in a range of disciplines, including lacquer painting and fabric painting. One such specialist served as an army artist for more than 30 years and is famous for his techniques. At times during the Vietnamese war he painted on rice sacks right there in the field. His work focusing on patriotism, the Motherland, love and war, has been shown all over the world.

Opportunities for practical “hands on” arts experiences are available with expert personal tutelage. Covering the skills and techniques you need for that style of art, you might even create something special you can take home with you. ICT can tailor the arts experience to each group of guests’ preferences.

To include a unique arts experience in Ha Noi during your Viet Nam travel visit, please contact the In Country Tours team via sales@incountrytours.com.