Viet Nam Women’s Day

Viet Nam Women’s Day is a special day to honor the women of Viet Nam and the vital roles they play in Vietnamese society.

How did Viet Nam Women’s Day originate?

The date 20th of October, 1930, is a significant date in Vietnamese history. On this day the women of Vietnam united and created a special organisation which later became known as the Vietnam Women’s Union. The Communist Party of Viet Nam supported the movement and named this date Viet Nam Women’s Day to commemorate the foundation of this organisation and honor Vietnamese women.

What is the meaning of Viet Nam Women’s Day today?

Celebrated each year on the 20th of October, Viet Nam Women’s Day is an opportunity for men to thank and show love and appreciation for the women in their lives. This celebration reminds everyone about the importance of women for the society and nation, and the contributions they make in many areas including the workplace and with family. The day also raises awareness of issues Vietnamese women face including discrimination, gender inequality sexual harassment and violence. Viet Nam Women’s Day is one of several days the society show their love and respect to the Vietnamese women. Other key dates include International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.

How is Viet Nam Women’s Day celebrated today?

Throughout the country people celebrate Viet Nam Women’s Day, although it is not a public holiday. Men often give gifts to their female partners, colleagues, friends and relatives. Typical gifts include beautiful flowers, jewellery or chocolates and cards sharing best wishes and messages of appreciation. Many lovers celebrate Viet Nam Women’s Day like Valentine’s Day and partners often spend a romantic evening together. This day is very busy at the flower markets and gift shops as people prepare. Similarly restaurants are very busy for both lunch and dinner as groups celebrate together.

The day is also an opportunity for businesses and organisations to thank their female staff and show respect for their valuable contributions. ICT gave flowers to the team and we also shared a lovely lunch together.

The In Country Tours team wish all the women in Viet Nam a safe and happy Viet Nam Women’s Day!