Formula One in Vietnam!

Vietnam will host its first Formula One Grand Prix in 2020!!!

Hanoi has just been announced as host of the first Formula One Vietnam race, to be held in 2020!

The world’s most high-profile racing series has a new destination in South-East Asia and its sure to be a hit with teams, fans and residents alike. Asia represents a growing fan-base for the motor-sport, and the move to Vietnam follows a trend of F1 organisers to widen the appeal to become a truly global passion.

China, Japan and Singapore are all F1 hosts, and India and Malaysia have also held F1 races. Hanoi will become the 72nd city to host a Formula One Grand Prix with the event bringing more pride to the already proud Vietnamese people.  F1 racing has chosen to focus on destination cities and countries as race hosts in the future.

“Certainly Vietnam is one of those countries that is continuing to become a bigger and more exciting place – for tourism, business or otherwise… We want to be in what we call destination cities, destination countries – places that can capture the world’s imagination, and Vietnam is one of those places.” said Chase Carey, Formula One Chairperson.


Vietnam’s streets are the stuff of legends and tales from many who visit there, and Hanoi’s streets are even tighter than those in southern Ho Chi Minh City. Street circuits have long been a favourite of all involved in F1 racing and a Hanoi street circuit is guaranteed to bring a new level of excitement for all.

“The trend is going to the city tracks and this is really good for professional sport… The idea behind it is that it is really very unique, and every city is unique.” F1 track designer Hermann Tilke recently shared his thoughts about city tracks.

“If you go in the centre of a city then you cannot compare with others” he added. When thinking of Hanoi, truer words have never been spoken!

Come and visit Vietnam and Hanoi for the 2020 Formula 1 Grand Prix. Take some time to explore the rest of this amazing country while you’re here. Contact In Country Tours for more information.