Viet Nam Teachers’ Day

Viet Nam Teachers Day honours the contribution of teachers past and present

Vietnamese culture has an ingrained respect for elders and family. Many families have several generations living together in the one family home and families often work together too. When people greet each other, even as strangers, they call them by family terms (hello older brother, hello uncle, hello grandma etc). This respect can be seen right through the community and especially with teachers, who are very valued in Vietnamese society. In Viet Nam, teachers are honoured and celebrated with a special day called Viet Nam Teachers Day.


Many countries around the world celebrate Teachers’ Day, but from country to country the date of the holiday varies.  Vietnamese people celebrate Viet Nam Teachers’ Day on November 20 each year, a Monday in 2017.


In 1957 Vietnamese teachers & education professionals travelled to Poland and participated in an international teacher’s meeting. The initial celebration originated in 1958 as the anniversary of that meeting. From there it evolved and in 1982 the day was officially renamed as Viet Nam Teachers’ Day.


The Viet Nam Teachers’ Day holiday gives Vietnamese students a chance to express their thanks and respect to their teachers. Schools usually hold special events like concerts, recitals and exhibitions. Students usually start preparing a week before the holiday, with classes preparing writing and art. Students also prepare food and flowers for the celebrations. Schools usually cancel classes for the day.

Students often give their teachers flowers, greeting cards and small gifts. Former students go to visit their former teachers either and tell them about their career progress. The former students thank the teachers for their hard work and dedication.The Minister of Education of Vietnam usually addresses teachers each year, expressing gratitude for the teachers’ contribution to society. Education institutions take the opportunity to reward high-achieving teachers with awards and certificates. If you are travelling in this country in Viet Nam in November you may even be invited to join in a Viet Nam Teachers’ Day celebration!

In Country Tours pay respect to all the teachers in Viet Nam. We wish them a very happy Viet Nam Teachers’ Day and good luck for the next teaching year!