Military History

Explore Military History in Vietnam

Vietnam has a detailed and complex military history. The country has been in numerous military conflicts, including the well-known Vietnam War.

In Country Tours can plan custom itineraries for anyone with an interest in war and history. Returning war veterans and their partners/families will find a return to Vietnam a particularly moving experience. Former military sites, museums and memorials can be visited right throughout the country. Guests can meet and talk with war veterans and local survivors.

Conflicts & War in Vietnam:

The Vietnam War (1955-1975) was originally a conflict between North and South Vietnam, but escalated and involved other countries, most notably the USA. It is commonly referred to as the ‘Resistance War Against America’ or the ‘American War’ in Vietnam. In addition, Vietnam has been in conflict with China, France, Japan and Cambodia at various times throughout its history.

Guiding the Experience:

Military-history-based travel can be a personal and often very emotional journey for our guests. Our guides on this type of tour have a varied role, but a significant part is guiding interactions with local veterans or residents affected by war. These opportunities to meet and talk with people are typically more memorable than the sites and museums. Our guides are sensitive to the individual feelings and preferences with our guests and can tailor the experience to match.

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Whether you are interested in visiting some military history destinations and sites during your travel time, or a full military-history-themed itinerary, contact In Country Tours now to plan your Vietnam journey.


Military History Destinations

Dien Bien Phu
Demilitarised Zone (DMZ)
Tam Ky
Cu Chi
Ho Chi Minh City
Con Dao
Phu Quoc
Vung Tau (Long Tan/Nui Dat)

Military History Sites/Activities

War Museums
War Tunnels
Meet War Veterans
Meet Local Residents
Former Battlefields
Former Army Bases
Former Airfields
Photo & Art Exhibitions