Cu Chi Team Trip

This week the In Country Tours team took a trip to Cu Chi.

It was nice to take a day for the team to get to know each other better and experience some of the services we offer guests too. We visited a cricket farm, rubber orchard, vegetable garden, the Cu Chi Tunnels and had a lovely dinner with a war veteran.


Cu Chi is a town and district located approximately 40 km North-West of Ho Chi Minh City. Cu Chi is a farming area but is most well-known as the site of the Cu Chi Tunnels. Visiting Cu Chi is one of the most popular day-trips for travellers who come to Ho Chi Minh City.


The ICT Team visited a Cricket Farm during our trip to Cu Chi. Eating insects might be frowned upon by the Western world but fried insects including crickets is a delicacy in South-East Asia and Viet Nam. We learnt all about the process of farming and cooking crickets. The staff let us try crickets cooked & served several ways, including in fresh spring rolls (cold rolls)! Crickets have an interesting texture and flavour, and give guests a special photo or video moment to share with friends too!


These tunnels are part of a vast network throughout Viet Nam and were significant in the Viet Nam war. The tunnels were used by the Viet Cong and North Viet Nam army to move troops, supplies, communications, and equipment. Importantly, the tunnels gave the Viet Cong the ability to perform sneak attacks. They played a key role in both the Tet Offensive and the eventual fall of Sai Gon. After the war Sai Gon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. The war fought in the tunnels was almost a whole separate conflict, but as part of the broader war it was a vital component of the North’s eventual victory.


There are two sites at Cu Chi which have been preserved by the Vietnamese Government and are available for visits. Visitors can learn about the war, see exhibits, displays and videos and try crawling through the tunnels for a first-hand experience. Our team visited the tunnels at Ben Duoc and had a great time, including crawling through the cramped and dark tunnels!


For a deeper understanding of the Cu Chi Tunnels and the war, ICT can arrange a meeting with a war veteran. The ICT Team were lucky enough to share this evening with one such veteran, enjoying a traditional dinner together at his home. Hearing his war stories gave the team special insight and the opportunity to ask questions. This was a relaxing and enjoyable end to a fun day at Cu Chi together with the team.


When you visit Viet Nam and Ho Chi Minh City, ICT suggest to spend a day exploring Cu Chi. We have options that include visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels and meeting a war veteran. You can visit farms in the area like the cricket farm or rubber orchard. We offer a unique family cooking experience or for those seeking adventure you can try paint-balling.

Contact us to book your visit and we will tailor it to your preferences.