Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is a vast area in southern Viet Nam at the southern end of the Mekong River, where it splits into a maze of rivers and canals. Covering more than a dozen main towns alongside many villages and floating markets, the area has many opportunities to explore and experience the Mekong way of life.

Receiving valuable nutrients from the upper Mekong, the region is a very rich and lush area, covered with rice fields, fruit orchards, fish and vegetable farms. The region produces more than a substantial proportion of Vietnam’s total agricultural production.
Life in the Mekong Delta revolves around the river with boats being a main mode of transport, most villages accessible by water, and a lifestyle of travelling at a relaxed pace. Floating and riverside markets are vibrant, busy and unique to the region; a great spot to meet and interact with local sellers and try local foods.

Why Mekong Delta?

Mekong Delta is known for:

Floating markets, river/canal cruises & sampans
Day & overnight cruises (incl. luxury Camodia/Viet Nam)
Experiencing river-life and culture
Local village homestays & family run B&Bs
Exploring on bicycle or motorcycle
Beautiful nature (stunning landscapes, rice fields & mangrove forests)
Local orchards, flower markets and fish farms
Temples and pagodas & Khmer culture
Tra Su Bird Sanctuary (near Chau Doc)
Sam Mountain (near Chau Doc)
Xe Loi local transport experiences
Tram Chim National Park

Mekong Delta is great for:

Vietnamese culture
Vietnamese history
Southern Vietnam cuisine
Cycling & motorcycling
Nature & birding (Tra Su Bird Sanctuary)
Local family business, food production and farming
Luxury cruise travel
Mekong arts & crafts
Local interaction & learning
Rice, coconut, honey and banana products