Islands/Beaches for Christmas

For many, visiting Viet Nam islands/beaches for Christmas or New Years Eve sounds ideal for relaxing and having fun in the sun.

As we head towards 2018 the 2017 festive season is rapidly approaching. With more than 3000 kilometres of coastline, plus islands, there are many coastal destinations to choose from. Here we give you a summary of our favourite beach-side spots and the reasons why.
Please note: December & January is peak season – to ensure you have the ideal getaway, please book ASAP!

There’s one thing for certain, all of our beach-side destinations are very beautiful and great places to spend time over the festive season. No matter where you choose, you’ll have a fabulous stay, be it Christmas, New Year or another time. But there are some things you should think about to make sure you choose the best location for your stay

Key considerations:
– weather in December/January
– transport options to and from
– activities & attractions
– atmosphere: tranquil hideaway or crowds
– accommodation options and availability


CON DAO in December/January

Location: South Viet Nam
Weather: Start of dry season: warm-hot & humid, avg. 24-26°
Atmosphere: Peak season, but less busy & more relaxed than Phu Quoc
Travel: Approx 1 hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City
Great for: Diving (best in Viet Nam) beach, relaxing, hiking
Good for: Snorkelling, history

PHU QUOC in December/January
Location: South-West Viet Nam
Weather: Dry, sunny & warm (best time to visit), avg. 24-31°
Atmosphere: Peak season and can be busy, especially in the main town & beaches
Travel: Approx 1 hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City
Great for: Beach, relaxing, island-hopping, National Park, snorkelling, cycling
Good for: Diving (novice/beginner) history, pepper farms, fish sauce production
Tip: ICT recommend staying outside the main town for the best experience


VUNG TAU & HO TRAM in December/January
Location: South Viet Nam (note: Ho Tram is 1+ hr drive from Vung Tau)
Travel: Approx 2-3 hour road/hydrofoil travel from Ho Chi Minh City
Travel note: Can not travel to Vung Tau by air (road/river only)
Weather: usually dry, sunny and warm/hot, 22-32°.
Tip: climb the 1000 stairs to the Christ Statue at Vung Tau for exercise & a great view!
Atmosphere: Very popular weekend/holiday getaway from Ho Chi Minh City (can be busy)
Great for: beach, relaxing, swimming, golf, Australian war history
Good for: quick city escape, panoramic views & cable car
Atmosphere: Less crowded & more peaceful
Great for: beach, relaxing, golf
Good for: mud bath, natural springs

MUI NE in December/January
Location: South East Viet Nam (Mui Ne is a beach strip of hotels & resorts)
Weather: Dry, sunny and warm, avg. 27°, the most stable weather in all of Viet Nam!
Atmosphere: Peak season and can be very busy
Travel: Approx 4 hour road/train travel from Ho Chi Minh City
Great for: beach, relaxing, water & wind sports, sand dunes/quad-biking
Good for: temples & pagodas, history, fishing, dragon fruit farms, fish sauce production
*Note: can not travel to Mui Ne by air (road/train only)

NHA TRANG in December/January
Location: South Central Viet Nam
Weather: End of wet season, cooler temps 22-31°, sunshine & some rain.
Popularity: The city & city beach is very busy, surrounding beaches/resorts less so
Travel: 1 hr flight from Ho Chi Minh. Approx 2 hr flight from Ha Noi.
Travel note: New international flights Kuala Lumpur to Nha Trang now available
Great for: Beach, relaxing, island hopping, snorkelling, golf, mud baths & mineral spas
Good for: Diving (novice/beginner), hiking, wind & watersports, culture, access to Da Lat
Tip: ICT recommend staying outside the main city for the best experience

DA NANG / HOI AN in December/January
Location: Central Viet Nam
Weather: Plan for sunshine or rain, cooler with avg. 20-24°
Atmosphere: Both destinations are popular
Travel: Approx 1.5 hr flight from Ho Chi Minh/Ha Noi. Hoi An 45 mins drive from Da Nang
Great for: Beach, relaxing, watersports, golfing, tailored clothes, cycling, photography
Good for: culture, temples & pagodas, abseiling/climbing, Viet Nam war history

HUE in December/January
Location: Central Viet Nam
Weather: Plan for rain or sunshine, cooler with avg. 17-20°
Atmosphere: Popular destination – most stay in the city, less by the beach
Travel: Approx 1.5 hr flight from Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi.
Great for: Beach, history/culture (former capital), palaces, temples, tombs & pagodas,
Good for: exploring countryside, cycling/motorcycling, relaxing

The ICT Team hope the information above helps you find a location or two that suits you. If you need further information please get in contact with us, and do so ASAP to secure your booking!