" Dzung was an incredible tour guide for our group in Hanoi! He and the driver were always punctual, courteous, kind, and helpful. From ensuring we had enough water in the van to booking reservations for our group around the city, Dzung displayed phenomenal attention to detail, and his recommendations for food, restaurants, spas, and attractions never failed to impress us. We truly could not have had a better experience using Dzung’s services. Dzung goes above and beyond to make sure his guests are happy, and I highly recommend him to any traveller looking for tour guide services in Vietnam! "

Student Group from USA

" My brother, mother and family appreciate and value you and Anh Thang so much. Thank you for taking such good care of them. It means so much. You will meet my other brother Alex later this year when he brings my mother back for a longer visit. And of course, we will be in touch with you. Thank you again Anh Khoa for all your exceptional care and service. You and Anh Thang have become part of our family whether you like it or not! :) "

Hoa, USA

" Halong Bay was beautiful & Bhaya a great choice - thank you. We had a great day cooking. The weather was terrible but still had fun. Hien is great.

Many thanks. "

Lisa, Australia

" It has been a pleasure to meet you. Dung is a well-educated person, very polite and helpful. He was always on time and professional. He welcomed us nicely in Vietnam. "

Fabrizio, Italy

" Despite only having 8 hour layover before we continued our journey, Dzung was able to provide us with a unique and memorable experience in Hanoi.

It is clear that Dzung and our driver were experts in their own right. Our driver deftly maneuvered the traffic downtown and both to and from the airport, and was always prepared with a quick joke. Dzung showed great hospitality and knowledge of Vietnamese culture. We enjoyed everything he had planned for us. From the delicious authentic Vietnamese multi course meal (we're still full a day later!), to the cyclo tour of downtown, and a delightful home visit with a woman whose family played a prominent role in Hanoi's architecture history.

We appreciate the short time we had to spend with Dzung and our driver. "

Emily, USA

" The scooter tour in HCM was educational and thrilling. The University kids that drove us around on scooters were highly engaged, talkative, and gave all of us a reminder about life goals that we all share.

Each of the guides and drivers were on-time, knowledgeable, and genuine. They shared stories of their families when we asked questions about their culture. They were excited to see us every morning and prepared us well for the events of the day.

Having dinner with the Vietcong officer and his family at his house made us feel like we were in a documentary film. There were over 50 people there for a party celebrating the death of his father. The four of us sat at a round table with the officer and our guide, who interpreted our questions. Loved drinking the home-made rice wine with the officer. What an amazing experience! "

Roger, USA

" We enjoyed our visit to Vietnam. There were many highlights during the trip although in hindsight, we wished we had stayed one extra day in Saigon, as there was so much more in the city that we would have liked to see and enjoy.

The Victoria Hotel in Can Tho was very good. Nice room, good dinner and breakfast.

Hoi An was stunning! We loved the City, and all the entertainment. The Teh Dar show was incredible, well worth the visit. Also the food in Hoi An was really good. Our guide recommended The Secret Garden restaurant, and we weren’t disappointed. In fact, the food was so good, we went twice! The La Siesta was an excellent hotel. The rooms were very comfortable, and breakfast and restaurant were super, plus the service was first class.

Our guide in Hoi An and Hue, looked after us so well and took us to many temples/pagodas and places of interest including the Citadel. We were lucky as he lived in Hue and knew everything that was worth seeing.

We had a good time, and Mr Nhan, our guide in Hue and Hoi An has to be recommended to anybody visiting those cities, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

A big thank you for helping with our trip. We hope our remarks will be helpful for booking trips for others. "

Chris, UK

" All four of our guides, Son, Quoc, Ly and Thai, are all-stars! Son and Ly took us into their homes. All four became almost friends because of their warm-heartedness and insight; we were disappointed leaving each of them. For example, Ly managed to covince Katherine to ride a motorbike around Saigon night markets and we had a blast with that. We could go on and on with examples but will say that we would recommend you to anyone who was planning a trip to Vietnam.

Thank you! You educated us about your hometown. You took us on great adventures. We will always think fondly of you and tell family and friends about this special trip.
We would gladly recommend you to any travelers! "

Katherine, USA

" Our experience was a 5 star experience from beginning to end. The guides and drivers were all so wonderful and always went the extra mile to make our visit special. It was hard to say goodbye to each of them when moving on to next city. Our hotels were spectacular at every location. All of the many little details were very special including the birthday cakes along the way.

Lan was a wealth of information and true historian. Her delightful and bubbly personality was endearing and her English impressive. She took us the extra mile to see the tunnels which were less touristy but further away. Driving me on her scooter added to the fun and we shared our love of food with her.

We will never forget our Amazing Adventure! "

Rick, USA

" Despite the shortened nature at this extension because of my wife’s sickness we were completely pleased with the service we received from Dzung & Hoang.

Hoang was everything you could want in a driver: friendly, helpful, timely, professional yet at ease and very natural. He was always available to accommodate a change in plans. Plus, he was a careful and efficient driver.

Dzung gave us space when we needed it to decompress and relax after a stressful activities. But he was always there if we needed him. Again, just what you want in a guide: open to question of all kinds, willing to look up information if he didn’t have it at his fingertips., comfortable enough to say when he didn’t know something, knowledgeable about the culture, history, natural feature of your beautiful country, flexible to make adjustment as needed for weather, crowds, or other issues.

He was clear that this was our trip and he would do what he could and make it fit our needs as situation changed or other more relevant (to us) attractions be allowed. Dzung felt like both guide & partner in this part of our holiday. We appreciated his willingness to talk about many aspect of Vietnam with candor & insight. As the best guide always do, he tried hard to help us understand your country by fielding diverse questions with poise, honesty and skill. My wife & I would be happy to use them again on another different trip to Vietnam. "

Philip, USA

" Dzung was the perfect guide for our time around Hanoi. He is knowledgeable about a wide range of topics, both historical and current day. His English is excellent - he converses naturally and comfortably, making it easy to learn from him. He adapted the itinerary to suit our interests, and to avoid the crowds at important sites. He made great restaurant recommendations for times we were not together. We felt totally cared for all of the time we were with him, even as we left Hanoi. We would definitely recommend him for anyone touring this area of Vietnam.
Five Stars. "

Glen, USA

" Saigon:
About guide: From the start of the trip Khoa was more than just a guide, but after this day, we will forever be a friend. He helped create an impossibly high standard for my dad's birthday that I may never be able to match, and I'm ok with that. From the moped tour of Saigon, to the various dining locations, this was a perfect way to end our time in Saigon.

Accommodation, I can only think of a hand full of places I have stayed around the world that have a staff that can compare to this staff's friendliness and customer service.

The 2nd boat in Can Tho, the prior day in the trip, but it slipped my mind on that review so doing it now. This little guy was a character full of contagious joy and happiness who really helped make the experience special.

I don't know of any way that Khoa and the team could have made any more perfect.

Final thoughts: I hate leaving cities that I fall in love with, but of course on trips, it is inevitable. The In Country Tour team made this the best farewell to Saigon a person could ask for. I know that is not a helpful review as far as how can things be improved, but I can say to just keep doing what you do, because it absolutely worked for us.

Tuy Hoa:
Quoc, for as friendly and knowledgeable as he is, our time together started out with two related disadvantages. We had spent months of planning online with Khoa, and then almost a week together face to face in person with Khoa. I know the choice to use regional guides was our own, and in no way hold In Country Tours accountable for that, but that knowledge did not make leaving Khoa for another guide any less saddening. My father is a Veteran of the war, and these two days were the two days on the trip that reflect back on his first time in Vietnam. Something that I wish my Father and I would have taken into account while planning, perhaps you can share with future guests, is that after a week of being with Khoa, we had formed a comfortable familiarity, you could say an emotional attachment. We do not regret our decision to use regional guides, however, I will add that I truly felt like Khoa understood us and our goals for our trip after so much time together. Therefore, it made our hand off to a new guide to be awkwardly timed. My father opened up about the war more on our last night with Khoa then he ever has in my entire life. He felt safe opening up to Khoa after a week together. As a Veteran re-tracing his younger steps, my father was now starting from scratch with a brand new person for what could have been the most emotionally stirring portion of the trip, seeing where he used to be.

Again, because this is the plan my father and I choose in our planning stage, I am not complaining, NOR assigning any blame to In Country Tours. It is just something that with the gift of hindsight, if we could make a change, it would have been nice to keep Khoa during the portion of the trip associated with his time in the war. Khoa was already familiar to my Dad, and understood the importance of my dad seeing the road he worked on. Quoc did not have that familiarity. "

Anthony, USA

" Thank you so much for everything. Everything went off without a hitch, the accommodations great, our guides wonderful, and the adventures fantastic.

I must say a word about our guide Lee in Saigon. A wonderful young man - we enjoyed our time with him immensely.

Thanks again for organizing such a wonderful experience. "

Neil, Canada

" Our tour guide in Vietnam was beyond perfect - we wanted to bring him home with us.

Thank you again for arranging such a wonderful family trip. Great memories. ;) "

Lisa, Canada

" The BEST guide I had in Vietnam was your Lee! For Hanoi we used the hotel recommendations for day tours and I learned nothing.

Lee was intelligent, well informed and most accommodating answered all my questions and gave me a very good history lesson about Vietnam. Our driver, Mr Hu, was very good also, especially in the crazy Saigon traffic. I couldn’t be more pleased with your company and Lee and Mr Hu. Lee; he treated us like family. "

Jean, USA

" Son, Mark and I wanted to thank you again for an amazing trip! You are an incredible guide and made Hanoi come alive for us in ways we would not have been able to experience on our own. We had a great time in Hanoi and appreciate having you as our guide. "

Kathleen, Canada

" Khoa,
We cannot say enough about you, your guides, and those on the back end of your company. We have never had such an amazing experience. We felt so very taken care of and everything was seamless. Your country is beautiful. The people so generous and each place we visited had its own feel. We loved the overnight train and our time in Sapa. Thanks again for making our time in Vietnam so special. We will pass your name and ICT along to anyone wanting to visit your home.

Another Gem! Tinh is so warm, thoughtful and has so much pride about his heritage. We are looking forward to our adventures tomorrow. You have created a cadre of amazing guides. Thank you so much! "

Martha, USA

" The night market was fantastic! Ken and I danced around the fire while people snapped photos of us old folks.

Much appreciated! We had a great trip… love both Chinh & Tinh. "

Carol, USA

" Missing you team, thank you so much for all you did for us Khoa, Tinh and Lee! "

Tegyn, Australia

" I want to thank you and your team again. Our trip to Vietnam was a complete success for us. The plans you created were excellent, all arrangements went smoothly, and you were personally responsive in ways that were both helpful and reassuring.

I also want to express our deep appreciation for the quality and character of the guides. Although very different personalities and styles, they were all informative, reliable, savvy, and perhaps most importantly, they each provided excellent companionship that enriched our tour in unexpected ways.

Please extend our gratitude to Hieu, Nguyen, Hien, Tinh, and Phong. They were all great. "

Bob, USA

" Dearest Khoa,

It is difficult to find the right words to express how we feel being with you last week. You are the single most amazing guide who is really a friend to us. You have fulfilled our bucket list. A very happy and healthy New Year to you and yours. Only the best for Michelle, Rosie and Hollie. May you be blessed in the year of the dragon. "

Gail & Sheryl, USA

" My wife and I did tours of the Mekong Delta and the Cu Chi tunnels. We really enjoyed both days with our guide. We also had Khoa pick us up from the Saigon airport, which was great and very informing about the different areas of the city and its history. If you want to see the real Mekong Delta and the less touristy side of the tunnels, go with this company, you will not regret it. I would use their services again without hesitation, and will do so when I return to Saigon! Thank you all so much! "

John, Canada

" My husband and I truly enjoyed our time here thanks to Khoa and his team who went out of their way to make sure we had a great experience and did and saw things of interest to us. We especially enjoyed our cooking lesson -advanced level at the Saigon culinary school, our birding day - the bird guide was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to be with, and our Mekong delta day with the boat rides, the walks through villages, the lunch at a family on an island who talked to us about their work, their life and showed us around their property and most of all treated us to such a fantastic meal! Everything was very informative: we learned a lot about the different Vietnamese herbs and vegetables used in dishes we tried, we saw how people grew them just outside their homes and we learned a lot about thousands of everyday Vietnamese things: the history of the country, habits, beliefs, food, family life. We will recommend In Country Tours to everyone we know (and do not know!). A very professional team. We felt very safe and were extremely well taken care of. A pleasure! "

Catherine, USA

" In Country tours made our family holiday very special indeed. Their knowledge of Vietnam is second to none and their attention to detail made us feel very special. The guides were professional, friendly and outstanding and had us in fits of laughter whilst being very informative.

There is no doubt we will return to Vietnam the country is absolutely stunning and its people amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending In Country Tours to anyone wishing to visit Vietnam and get a real feel for what the country has to offer. "

Jon, USA

" All the tours were excellent and well delivered. The motorbike tour was loads of fun, a great experience to discover the local side of life and both drivers were alert and very safety conscious. I loved the cooking tour, My was really interesting and knowledgable in the market and so sweet. The cooking studio was delightful, clean and so well decorated. I'm still missing the food, it was delicious!

Anna and I had the best weekend, it was all put together very last minute (my fault) but exactly what we wanted and at a relaxed pace to get the most out of our trip.
I would love to come back and try out more adventures with you and will definitely recommend In Country Tours to all my friends! :) "

Sarah, UK

" We had such an amazing time and are so grateful for all your assistance in arranging the best guides and experiences. The temples at Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom were stunning and the Jaya House hotel was memorably wonderful, with really outstanding service. We loved the vibe in Hoi An and loved the relaxing and adventure on Ha Long Bay. If we did it again, I think we’d cruise for two nights instead of just one!

Thank you so much for helping us out together and incredible trip. "

Jeremy, USA

" Thanks for making the trip great!

We both enjoyed it immensely. Your choice of hotels and location, except for Saigon, was perfect. The Majestic Hotel being on the river with a colonial past would have been our choice over the more business atmosphere of the Hyatt.

The guides were tremendous in that each had a high knowledge and genuine interest in the history, culture & commerce of their region and country in general. We enjoy educational visits and this was one of the best for information shared and enjoyed. However, and for the ladies, the city guide should have some inside shopping skills to benefit and offset the history etc.

The tunnels, since you mentioned, were a highlight not to be missed on any generation tourist of our vintage as the information gleaned is a testament to the Viet resistance and overall strategy of the desperate period. Your Saigon sidecar trip was a gem in every respect. Other tourists and locals were in awe with jealousy.

The biggest highlight throughout was the native quality food. I enjoy spices and expected more. However, learn, that they prepare food for foreigners without spice unless requested. Once asked the dial certainly gets turned up. Wonderful. "

Diana, UK


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